Watering Consulting

Water conservation efforts are more important than they have ever been before, and the information surrounding your water usage can be overwhelming. Using water on your lawn is a multi-faceted process which involves providing different plants with the correct amount of water, changing your watering schedule to keep plants healthy, and checking sprinkler output and coverage for maximum efficiency among other factors. The Land Lord can help you learn the best tricks to keep your lawn watered while also keeping your costs low. From the best time of day to water your yard, to what to do when summer scorchers hit, Kevin has the answers to your questions when it comes to keeping your landscaping lush in any weather.

When it’s time to winterize a sprinkler system, the expert touch of the Land Lord is second to none. Shutting down a sprinkler system incorrectly can lead to frozen, cracked pipes which can cause huge and unnecessary expenses. The best course of action for the winter months is to let someone with experience ensure the safety of your water systems.

For a lawn you’ll love, call the land lord

Kevin has made our lives so much easier! We have someone to call when we know we have a project, and he talks to us like we matter, not like just another person on a list of clients. Plus, our yard looks amazing! – Mari


Crabgrass was completely killing our lawn last summer. Kevin made spots that were completely covered look great again. Our neighbors asked what we did differently, and we just gave them Kevin’s number. -Jim


Feel like your drowning in new information? The Land Lord can help you keep your head above water by consulting on everything you need to know when it comes to water usage.