Seasonal Services

Whether it be leaf cleanup in the fall or snow removal in the winter, the Land Lord has your back. Year-round lawn service is available to help you tackle any project. Fall cleanup will help dispose of unwanted leaves and debris first and foremost so your lawn has the best chance at coming back strong after the winter. Other projects like controlling weeds, pruning plants, fertilizing the lawn, and protecting at-risk areas such as landscaped garden beds will prepare your yard for the long haul.

Once winter hits, snow and ice removal becomes what many deem the worst outdoor chore of the year. Let the Land Lord brave the cold for you and make quick work of your snow woes. As a local expert, incoming storms in the tri-cities area are a top priority in the winter months to help ensure community safety.

When the snow melts, it’s time to get back to beautifying! Having a solid start in the spring is the easiest way to ensure a lawn so gorgeous you won’t be sure what’s more vibrant, your grass, or your neighbors as they turn green with envy.

For a lawn you’ll love, call the land lord

For a while we had the grandkids mowing the lawn, but they couldn’t help as much when it came to our garden beds. Now we trust Kevin to get everything done for us! – Helen


Crabgrass was completely killing our lawn last summer. Kevin made spots that were completely covered look great again. Our neighbors asked what we did differently, and we just gave them Kevin’s number. – Jim


By clearing debris, re-edging, re-seeding, pruning, and aerating everything in your year, the Land Lord will set you up for fun in the sun with a healthy and alluring lawn. For year-round service that’s sure to make your lawn the talk of the town, call the Land Lord for a consultation today!