Lawn Pest Control

Between bugs, moles, voles, and plant diseases, it seems like the list of possible issues residing in your yard is insurmountable. Whether they are burrowing in your yard or living in your trees, pests can cause irreparable damage before you even know what hit. With help from the Land Lord, your grass, trees, and shrubs can grow safely and without interference from unwanted invaders.

Along with the damage they can inflict on your landscaping, pests also pose additional risks to you and your family. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos have been a growing issue in recent years, so doing everything possible to keep these disease-carrying parasites at bay, you create a safer home for kids, friends, pets, and yourself.

For a lawn you’ll love, call the land lord

Kevin has made our lives so much easier! We have someone to call when we know we have a project, and he talks to us like we matter, not like just another person on a list of clients. Plus, our yard looks amazing! – Mari


Crabgrass was completely killing our lawn last summer. Kevin made spots that were completely covered look great again. Our neighbors asked what we did differently, and we just gave them Kevin’s number. – Jim


Fighting an uphill battle with pests in your yard? Call the cavalry and let the Land Lord wage war on invaders in your yard!