Lawn Services

Lawn maintenance is a much more scientific process than people give it credit for. Everything from the type of grass to the time of year to the movement pattern of the mower to the height and sharpness of the blade can affect the aesthetic of the lawn. By taking the time to understand your lawn, it will inevitably cultivate a stronger, healthier root system which will ultimately contribute to its longevity and beauty. However, not everyone has time to figure out the complexities of their lawn. That’s why the Land Lord aims to bring professional, science-based care to your yard’s needs.

By providing a range of services to be discussed with each client individually, the Land Lord can assess needs on a lawn-by-lawn basis. This way, you are only paying for the services you need, when you need them. The flexibility of services provided makes sure that your lawn gets the expert care it deserves without the need to cut through a bunch of red tape. Whether you just want weekly mowing and edging or you desire a more well-rounded approach to your lawn care, the Land Lord can meet your needs.

For a lawn you’ll love, call the land lord

Kevin has made our lives so much easier! We have someone to call when we know we have a project, and he talks to us like we matter, not like just another person on a list of clients. Plus, our yard looks amazing! – Mari


Crabgrass was completely killing our lawn last summer. Kevin made spots that were completely covered look great again. Our neighbors asked what we did differently, and we just gave them Kevin’s number. – Jim


If you’re ready to see the hidden beauty that can emerge in your yard, call the Land Lord. You’ll be shocked at the difference an expert eye can make.