Landscaping Services

Designing a gorgeous and lasting landscape takes a lot of work, planning, equipment, and effort. Luckily, a local expert has the experience to help with most any project you can conceive. By working closely with clients to understand their vision as much as possible, even the most complex ideas can come to life with the help of the Land Lord. Your happiness is the highest priority. After all, the point of landscaping is to give you a gorgeous yard you can be proud of for years to come!

Whether it be a simple project like building a new garden bed, or something more complicated like installing a beautiful and functional retaining wall, ensuring attractive, quality work is extremely important. That’s why the safety, effectiveness, and aesthetics of every new project is discussed fully with every home owner to guarantee no stone goes unturned when discovering what you want in your landscaping.

For a lawn you’ll love, call the land lord

Kevin has made our lives so much easier! We have someone to call when we know we have a project, and he talks to us like we matter, not like just another person on a list of clients. Plus, our yard looks amazing! – Mari


We have a huge tree in the backyard and every fall it’s a hassle. Last year we had Kevin come do the work for us and it saved so much time. We will definitely be using him again this year. – Brian


Have a huge project you can’t seem to tackle? Call the Land Lord for the expert experience that can turn your misery into a masterpiece!