Fertilizing Services

Properly fertilizing your lawn is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of caring for your yard. By assessing the needs of your lawn individually, the Land Lord can be sure all the nutrients necessary for the greenest, lushest lawn are made available to you.

Not only does fertilizing help maintain beautiful grass, but it can also aid in other ways. For one, weed control is managed much easier with a properly fertilized lawn. By keeping lawns thick and lush, seeds of unwanted weeds are kept out of the soil more effectively making it harder for them to take root. If they do manage to hit the topsoil, the thickened grass will starve them of water and light, making it nearly impossible for weeds to take grow.

For a lawn you’ll love, call the land lord

One of our trees had a dying branch and was getting dead bark all over the place. It got taken out and the mess was cleaned up all in one afternoon. – Rhonda


For a while we had the grandkids mowing the lawn, but they couldn’t help as much when it came to our garden beds. Now we trust Kevin to get everything done for us! – Bill


By working with the Land Lord, your lawn stays greener and cleaner. Call today to talk about your options when it comes to fertilization.