Aeration Services

Aerating your lawn one or two times per year helps deter the effects of overly compacted soil. Much in the way worms do naturally, aeration removes small cores of compacted soil and thatch from lawns to help balance its ecosystem. These cores can fit in the palm of your hand and will settle back into the lawn over the course of one to two weeks.

When soil is packed too tightly, roots have a difficult time growing, air movement is limited, water cannot penetrate deeply, and fertilizer cannot nourish the grass effectively. By removing these small cores, aeration contributes to a healthy root system which is better equipped to endure drought, disease, and pest problems. Equipment with many hollow tines used for coring is rolled out over the lawn and pulls up the soil plugs. This process can be beneficial to all lawns, from those that are newly sodded, to those suffering from pests, to those who need extra seed or fertilizer to thrive.

For a lawn you’ll love, call the land lord

One of our trees had a dying branch and was getting dead bark all over the place. It got taken out and the mess was cleaned up all in one afternoon. – Rhonda


We have a huge tree in the backyard and every fall it’s a hassle. Last year we had Kevin come do the work for us and it saved so much time. We will definitely be using him again this year. – Brian


The frequency of aerating a lawn is specific to each client, so each lawn will be assessed individually for aeration. To find out if aeration can be beneficial to your lawn care routine, call the Land Lord today!